Texas Business Law Lawyers Handling Breaches of Fiduciary Duty

Man tearing up agreementWhen someone becomes your fiduciary, you place your trust in them to protect your money or property. A fiduciary has obligations to the people they protect. These obligations include dealing in good faith, avoiding self dealing, and adhering to professional standards when acting on your behalf. Unfortunately there are far too many situations where a fiduciary breaches this responsibility and a business owner or investor is damaged as a result. Our Texas business law lawyers assist those who have been damaged by a fiduciary’s failure to meet their obligations. Call our Dallas office today to speak with an attorney.

Dallas attorneys assisting business owners harmed by a fiduciary’s failure to meet obligations

Fiduciaries have several responsibilities in Texas. These include the obligation to disclose any financial information or other information which conflicts with your interests. They are not permitted to simply put their own interests ahead of yours. Fiduciaries must also comply with all rules and regulations governing their trade and must perform with a reasonable standard of care. Common fiduciary relationships include those with bankers, financial advisors, trustees, officers and directors, business managers, attorneys, accountants, and tax professionals. A breach of obligation, which results in damages to you, is a reason to bring a suit against the fiduciary in either state or federal court. Having an attorney to assist you can be crucial.

Our Dallas lawyers have extensive experience in holding fiduciaries responsible for their wrongful actions. Once retained we will try to resolve the suit without litigation is possible. If a resolution cannot be reached then we will file suit with the Court. Throughout the process we will use discovery mechanisms to acquire all information relevant to your case. This can include email correspondence, financial records, and records of the fiduciary’s other business relationships. We will ensure that you are prepared for trial and will aggressively represent you. Our attorneys make the law their business so you can focus on running your business. We are ready to assist you. We service Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center, Texas.

Lawyers assisting Dallas business owners with the issues which stem from the breach of a fiduciary duty

Our lawyers have extensive experience in issues related to business law and assist in the areas which often accompany the breach of a fiduciary’s duty. These other matters often involve a breach of contract, fraud, and theft. Price L. Johnson is a certified public accountant as well as an attorney and has represented many business owners facing such circumstances. Our firm takes a collaborative approach to dealing with such issues in order to ensure that no stone goes unturned and that no arguments are unnecessarily missed. We will remain in regular contact with you throughout the process and will promptly return your phone calls.

Do not risk your financial well-being to a lesser experienced lawyer. Call our Dallas, Texas office today.