Dallas Lawyers Assisting With The Creation of Employee Contracts

Having proper contracts between yourself and your employees or contractors can be crucial to your business. It is critical that you define the roles of your employees, the conduct that is expected of them, as well as financial terms such as compensation and benefits. Having these clearly defined boundaries can impact your ability to terminate a relationship, protect your company’s sensitive information, and protect your company from liability for an employee’s actions. Our Dallas lawyers assist small and mid-size businesses with the creation of employer/employee contracts and will review your existing agreements. We will help you understand your options and will point out issues you may wish to consider. Contact our attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation.

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Business law attorneys helping Dallas area businesses improve their employment contracts

There are several reasons why small business owners need a strong contract with their employees. Employer/employee contracts often define issues such as:

  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Trade secrets
  • Compensation
  • Severance packages
  • Obligations and roles of the employee
  • To what extent, if any, the employee can make commitments on behalf of the company
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An agreement that fails to clearly govern these terms, in an unambiguous way, is bad for any business owner. While an employer may think the terms of the agreement are clear, the employee may have a completely different interpretation. These differing interpretations are what lead to lawsuits and damage your company’s reputation. You should seek legal advice if you own a business and you need an agreement between yourself and an employee or independent contractor. Experienced counsel can prepare a clear, enforceable contract on your behalf and protect your business interests.

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Our business attorneys regularly assist companies with the creation and review of employment contracts. We will immediately work with you to identify potential issues, some you may not have thought of, which need to be covered by the agreement. We will ensure that all state and federal laws are complied with and that the needs of your company are protected. We understand that business owners wish to focus on generating their product or service and not the minutia of legal requirements. We provide practical advice that meets our client’s objectives. We make the law our business so you can focus on actually running your business. Contact our lawyers today for an initial consultation. In addition to Dallas, we service Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center, Texas.

Texas lawyers helping companies with multiple issues related to employment contracts

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It is important to have a strong contract with your employees and contractors. It is also important to enforce that contract when necessary. Our lawyers regularly help Texas businesses when an employee has breached a contract. If there has been a breach, then we will immediately send a cease and desist letter insisting that the conduct stop and that you be compensated for any damages. If this demand is not met, then we will quickly file a lawsuit in the appropriate Court.  If necessary, we will request injunctive relief so that the violating conduct is halted immediately. If another company has colluded with the employee to steal company secrets, customers, or employees, we will take all appropriate legal action available to stop this behavior and recover the damages to which you may be entitled. We understand the need to be proactive in such situations and your interests will be aggressively protected. If you need assistance, contact our Dallas office to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. We represent clients in the Dallas Metro area and throughout Texas.