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Many people believe that estate planning is reserved for wealthy individuals who leave behind significant estates to their heirs. Estate planning is, however, an important tool for all Texas residents, regardless of wealth. An individual’s estate plan will not only include one’s wishes regarding the distribution of their estate, but also choices of guardians for minor children, end-of-life healthcare preferences, and powers of attorney, among other things. Such planning ensures that your wishes are recorded, eliminating stress and anguish for your surviving family members and friends. Without a plan in place, Texas law will govern the administration of your estate, which could result in unintended consequences. Unfortunately, estate planning is an area being neglected by far too many people. Our Dallas, Texas lawyers understand the importance of preparing a plan customized to meet our clients’ specific objectives and we are ready to be of service. Call our office today to speak with an attorney.

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Dallas lawyers helping Texas residents to plan for medical care and the division of assets

Everyone hopes that they have plenty of time to create an estate plan. Sadly, no one can control when the inevitable occurs. Whether one’s estate plan is needed in case of an accident, unexpected illness, or simply for one’s passing after a long and happy lifetime, having instructions in place to manage your affairs, care for surviving children or other relatives, and for the distribution of your assets should not be seen as optional. While this may seem obvious to many, it is far too common that people have no directions in place for loved ones on how to deal with illness or how property should pass to one’s heirs. In such circumstances, Texas law will determine these important issues for you, which may be inconsistent with your wishes. Common types of issues which can be handled through estate planning include:

  • Preparing a last will and testament
  • Setting up a trust to protect assets and their distribution
  • Drafting a medical power of attorney
  • Creating a financial power of attorney
  • Dealing with the designation of guardians
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Retaining a skilled lawyer to help you in these areas will ensure that problems do not arise later. Too often people believe they have a plan in place to deal with these types of issues only to find out that a particular situation was not covered in the planning, that documentation was not properly completed, or that assets were not transferred to joint accounts or trusts as intended. To avoid this dilemma, you should retain an attorney.

lawyer reviewing documentsOur Dallas estate planning lawyers assist people throughout the state of Texas with ensuring that their affairs are in order. Once retained we will analyze all the issues you may be facing, both in your later years and after your death. We will assist with putting an enforceable plan in place regarding medical care, the management of your finances, as well as any other issues which are important. We will also work to identify all of your assets so that your Will is thorough. We are trained to recognize opportunities for tax planning, Medicare planning, and asset protection and strive to provide a plan customized to your specific needs. Our attorneys will help you in considering all of the possibilities so that there are no unintended consequences after your passing. We understand the importance of this decision and we are ready to assist you.

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Texas lawyers taking a collaborative approach to estate planning

lawyers talkingEstate planning is not a one-size-fits-all process. Online products claiming to be cheaper than working with an attorney are often misleading and can in some cases be invalid under Texas law. In fact, estate planning can be a complicated process. One may have unique medical issues which require special care. There may be substantial assets, business interests, and other financial obligations which must be carefully considered. This wide range of possibilities means that you need an attorney who can consider all of the possibilities. Price L. Johnson and our lawyers take a collaborative approach to estate planning and this team-based analysis helps to ensure that all possibilities are dealt with. In addition to being thorough with your affairs, we make ourselves readily available to answer your questions and will be in regular contact with you throughout the process.

We understand that making such plans can cause anxiety for many people. We make these types of matters our business so that you can focus on the business of enjoying life. We service Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center.