Dallas Business Law Attorneys Assisting Texas Companies In Cases Of Fraud

Business relationships are fundamentally based on trust. A company owner expects those he deals with to act in good faith and to be honest throughout the transactional process. You then make business plans based on the assurances of others. There are, however, people in the business world who think the way to get ahead is by being less than honest or fraudulently misrepresenting information to others. Such conduct can drain a business of precious resources, which it cannot afford to lose. If you own a company in the Dallas, Texas area then you should seek legal assistance after fraud occurs. Our attorneys handle such matters and can render assistance. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.


Dallas lawyers offering assistance when a small business owner has been defrauded

Fraud occurs when another makes false or misleading statements or otherwise acts with the intention of luring you into a transaction. If you enter such a transaction and would not have done so except for the fraud, then the other person can be liable for any damages you suffer. While the idea of fraud may seem simple, there are several aspects to this area of law that can become particularly challenging. Examples of common issues include:

  • Whether the fraud was what actually caused the person to enter into the transaction
  • The extent to which one has actually been damaged due to the fraud
  • Whether the defrauding party acted with intent
  • Whether it was reasonable for the person claiming fraud to have relied on the representation
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Remedies for fraud can include financial damages as well as punitive damages in some instances. If your business has been a victim of fraud, then you should seek legal representation immediately.

Consider the following example. A small business is growing and leases larger office space to run its business. The office needs significant improvements before it will be ready for use, so the owner obtains a large loan, which she personally guarantees. The company solicits bids from several contractors to improve the premises. All of the bidders present examples of previous work and seem extremely qualified. The owner selects a company that was significantly less expensive than the others. This selection is based on their claims that they did similar work for other tenants in the building and that they could complete the job in half of the time. Unlike the others, they required a fifty percent deposit in advance. After signing her contract for the services, the contractor failed to show up to begin the work. She later learned that the builder falsified claims of working for other tenants and had only completed one prior job. Not only would the owner have a claim for breach of contract, but also for fraud considering the misrepresentations made to induce her to hire the contractor. Her damages may include recovery of her deposit, the lost income from the unforeseen operational delay, bank fees if she is unable to repay the loan in connection with its terms, and potential punitive damages. Given what is at stake, it is highly recommended that businesses who are the victim of fraud contact counsel as soon as possible once discovered to protect their rights.

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Our Dallas lawyers regularly assist businesses that have been the victim of fraud. At your initial consultation we will quickly gain an understanding of what has occurred and, if you have been wronged, we will immediately demand payment from the other side. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit in state or federal court and request an injunction freezing the other party’s assets. We will use the discovery process to collect necessary records and will aggressively represent you at trial. We will be in regular communication with you throughout the process. Contact our attorneys today. We also service Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center, Texas.

Dallas lawyers assisting Texas businesses with other issues which typically accompany fraud

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Fraud seldom happens in a vacuum. Lawsuits involving fraud typically involve other business law matters such as shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, theft, breach of contract, and the breach of fiduciary duty. Our Dallas lawyers can assist in each of these areas. Price L. Johnson is a Certified Public Accountant as well as an attorney. This background, along with our firm’s collaborative approach to problem solving, allows us to approach business related legal issues with an insight that many other firms lack. We make the law our business so you can focus on the important task of running your business. We are ready to assist you so that your business may get back on track. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.