last will and testament in safety deposit boxThe death of a loved one will always be a difficult time.  An inheritance dispute is the last thing you need to worry about. Disputes over inheritances are becoming more common in Dallas and across Texas, especially when the deceased person left a large estate. Various types of people may emerge to claim part of your inheritance, including creditors, estranged family members, romantic partners, business associates, caretakers, and even complete strangers. Fortunately, Texas law provides rights and remedies to stop wrongful inheritance claims. If you know or suspect that someone made a claim to your rightful inheritance, you need to act quickly, or you risk losing those rights.

This series will help you understand the situations when inheritance disputes arise, your rights in those situations, and the legal tools that help you claim or protect your inheritance.

This series will discuss the following topics:

  • Overview—Understanding Inheritance Disputes in Dallas and Other Texas Areas
  • Reasons to Dispute the Wills of Deceased Persons Who Lived in Texas
  • Next Steps When Someone Presents an Invalid Will to a Texas Court
  • You May Prevent Texas Creditors from Taking Your Inheritance in Dallas and other Texas Cities
  • Community Property and Other Texas Spousal Rights May Impact Your Inheritance
  • Series Recap—Important Takeaways for Inheritance Disputes in Dallas and Other Texas Areas

In the next post, we discuss the reasons why a last will and testament may be invalid.  Afterwards, we will identify the next steps and options available in will disputes. We will then address the powerful ways to discharge a deceased person’s debt and avoid creditor collections that would otherwise drain your inheritance.  After that, we will examine the community property and spousal rights that can add, and sometimes subtract, the inheritance rights of surviving spouses. Finally, we will recap this series and summarize some of the more important points.

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