Dallas Lawyers Disputing Last Will and Testaments Due to Lack of Capacity

Confused elderly personA common reason for disputing a will is lack of capacity by the deceased. There are several circumstances which can invalidate a will on this ground. The deceased may not have been competent at the time the will was entered. Also, he or she may have been heavily medicated at the time. Whatever the reason for challenging capacity, it is important you have quality representation throughout the process. Our lawyers assist people in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center in challenging last will and testaments due to a lack of capacity. If you are in such a situation then contact our attorneys today.

Aggressive attorneys assisting Texas residents who wish to challenge a will due to incompetence or other capacity issues

It is sad when a loved one deteriorates. Unfortunately there are situations where one is no longer in the right frame of mind when they prepare a last will and testament – referred to as testamentary capacity. One may be suffering from Alzheimer’s’, dementia, or other mental illness when they sign a will or a codicil. If a will was signed under such circumstances, and you were disinherited, then you can challenge the will’s validity. The first step in this process is to hire competent counsel. We will evaluate the facts and your case. We will carefully evaluate the facts in relation to your claim to advise you accordingly. Another significant part of the process is to determine where to file your case if a suit is not already pending. Once file, the case will be assigned to a Texas Judge to be heard in the county where the suit is filed. The attorneys at The Johnson Firm then aggressively use the process of written and oral discovery to build your case to present to the Judge or jury that will ultimately decide your case. If you are a Texas resident going through this situation then you should not do it alone as the matter will be complicated. You should call an attorney immediately.

Our Dallas lawyers assist Texas residents with challenging a will on the grounds of capacity. One retained, our attorneys will file your case as soon as possible. We will use the discovery process to acquire all evidence showing that the deceased was not competent. This evidence may include witnesses such as family, friends, caregivers, neighbors, or advisors. It will also likely include documents such as medical records, email correspondence, video records, or public records showing that your loved one was acting irrationally. If necessary we will hire an expert to review the facts of the case so that he or she may render an opinion to the Court on the capacity or lack of capacity of your loved one. We will ensure that you are prepared for trial and will ensure that all avenues are pursued in the preparation of your case. We are ready to assist you. Contact our Dallas or Nacogdoches office today to speak with a lawyer.

Our Dallas lawyers take a thorough approach when disputing a Texas will due to incompetence of the deceased

Our attorneys take a collaborative and team-based approach to handling matters which involve disputing a Texas will on the grounds of competence. This ensures that we are thorough in analyzing your case; by working as a team, there will be many different sets of eyes analyzing the past behaviors of the deceased and this offers different perspectives as to what facts may be relevant in your case. We make probate and wills our business so you can focus on the important issues in your life. Contact the Dallas lawyers at the Johnson firm today.