Dallas, Texas Estate Planning Lawyers Assisting With Preparing a Last Will & Testament

Man preparing a willIt is very important that one have a will in the state of Texas. People, too often, pass away without having prepared a will and their assets are then divided in ways they would not have expected much less wanted. Such division can lead to fighting amongst relatives, strained relationships, and a falling out between loved ones. This is obviously the last thing one wants caused by their passing. Hiring an attorney who can assist with the preparation of a last will and testament can save you the worry of how your affairs will be handled. If you are in need of a last will and testament then contact our Dallas estate planning lawyers today.

Dallas attorneys helping people plan their affairs through the drafting of a will

A will is a legal instrument which spells out how your assets are to be divided upon death. If one dies with a will in place then probate can often be straightforward and the estate administered independently without the cost and expense of court oversight. If one dies without a will then their assets will go through the intestate estate process which necessarily requires the administration to be dependent on the Court including the cost and expense of court oversight. Planning your will is very important as you need to consider issues such as dividing your assets and who will care for your spouse and children. How you divide your wealth, and how you manage your property before death, can become a topic of litigation after one passes. Hiring an attorney to help one understand the possibilities and ramifications of their choices can go a long way towards ensuring that any disputes over a last will and testament are prevented.

An attorney can assist you in ensuring that your will meets legal requirements in addition to helping you understand the consequences of your asset division choices. If a will does not meet Texas’ legal requirements then it may be found invalid by a probate Judge. Except for a unique and rare exception, a will in Texas must be signed in front of two witnesses in order to be valid. Each of these two witnesses must also sign the will. While these signatures do not have to be notarized, they will be considered “self-proving” if a notary and requisite language is utilized. This will speed up the probate process as there will be no dispute as to who actually signed the will. There are other issues to consider even though these requirements may seem simple. If you do not adequately describe property, for example, then there may be a dispute over the meaning of your will and who receives your assets. Hiring an attorney can ensure that you avoid such problems as well.

The Johnson Firm’s Dallas estate planning attorneys will assist you in preparing a last will and testament. Our lawyers will work to develop a complete list of all your assets and debts and will assist you in creating a division plan which makes sense based upon your wishes and desires. After we have assisted in determining the best plan for dividing your wealth and caring for your children according to your wishes, we will ensure that the necessary documents are prepared in a way which is unambiguous. This will help you rest assured that your wishes will be followed. We understand that preparing a will can seem stressful. It does not have to be that way. Call our Dallas office today. We service Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center.

Dallas, Texas lawyers helping with the process of dividing one’s assets upon death

We understand that the idea of preparing a will can feel stressful. It does not have to be that way. We make Texas probate law our business so you can focus on the business of life. You should be enjoying time with your family rather than spending your time worrying about such issues. We are ready to assist you in making that happen. Contact us today.