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There comes a time when one may need a loved one to make medical decisions on their behalf. These decisions can involve whether or not to administer medications or, in extreme circumstances, whether or not to carry on life-sustaining treatment. Giving one the power to make these decisions in Texas requires a medical power of attorney. It is crucial that this authorization is prepared correctly. Mistakes may invalidate the appointment and leave your medical decisions in the hands of strangers. It is also important to make decisions about your care in the event of a terminal condition. An advanced directive will inform your physicians about your end-of-life wishes, such as life support and comfort care. Our Dallas estate planning lawyers prepare medical powers of attorney and advanced directives on behalf of clients and can assist in this area. Call our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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Attorneys assisting Texas residents with creating medical powers of attorney and directives to physicians

There are two main health care documents in Texas for delegating medical decision-making authority to a trusted third party in the event that one becomes unable to make such decisions themself. The first of these documents is a medical power of attorney. The second is a directive to physician (also known as a living will or advanced directive). The medical power of attorney allows a person, known as an “agent,” to make decisions on your behalf regarding care when you are unable to do so due to illness or other incapacity. The directive to physician sets limits on what types of care the physician may or may not administer in the event you are determined by a doctor to have a terminal condition. Recording your wishes in advance can be a great comfort to family members or friends who may otherwise be forced to make agonizing decisions without your input. Properly drafting these documents is crucial as you must ensure that your agent has the proper authority and that your wishes are clear and not open to interpretation. Hiring counsel can help to ensure that these documents meet the necessary legal requirements and are written in a way that protects your interests and objectives.

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Our Dallas estate planning lawyers have helped numerous Texas residents prepare both medical powers of attorney and directives to physicians. At your initial consultation we will work to gain an understanding of your situation. It will be important to consider the balance between the need for care and quality of life. We will also look at factors such as potential stress on family members and who may be suitable to serve as your agent (Texas law does not allow the agent to be your healthcare provider or a residential care provider). It is important that one maintain dignity when they are in their most vulnerable state and we help balance this need with the many other things that go into a patient’s wishes. We understand that this can be a sensitive topic to talk about and we will approach the preparation of your power of attorney and living will with the utmost respect for your situation. We are ready to assist you. Call our office today.

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Texas lawyers taking a collaborative approach to powers of attorney and living wills

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Price L. Johnson and our attorneys take the time to understand the issues that are important to our clients. When planning something as important as medical powers of attorney or living wills, we know that your opinion is unique. We explain all options which are available to our clients. We also explain the implications of their choices in clear and understandable terms to ensure that their objectives are memorialized in unambiguous terms for their agents. We make this type of planning our business so you can focus on the business of enjoying your life.

Healthcare planning is one important element of developing an estate plan. We are a full-service estate planning firm and assist our valued clients with additional planning tools including last wills and testaments, trusts, guardianships, financial powers of attorney, and asset protection. Contact us online or by telephone today.