bank statementWe meet lots of Texas trust beneficiaries in our practice. Quite often, they’re completely confused. They don’t know when they’re supposed to receive trust funds or other assets. They’re clueless about how much they’re supposed to receive. They’ve never seen the official trust document. Oftentimes, they can’t even confirm whether they’re trust beneficiaries in the first place!

All these concerns fall under the same umbrella—lack of access to trust information. This problem affects trust beneficiaries across Texas. An information deficit may be the tip of the iceberg, given that the person withholding trust information could have something to hide. Thankfully, Texas law provides several tools to help us learn, preserve, and assert our rights as trust beneficiaries.

This series examines the rights of Texas beneficiaries to trust information. Specifically, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Overview—Texas Trust Beneficiaries’ Rights to Trust Information
  2. Trust Beneficiaries May Lack Access to Trust Information
  3. Texas Beneficiaries Have Several Methods of Discovering Trust Information
  4. Trust Disclosures Can Reveal Theft and Other Misdeeds
  5. Texans Have Legal Remedies When Trust Information Reveals Theft and Other Misconduct
  6. Series Recap—Texas Trust Beneficiaries’ Rights to Trust Information

In the next post, we discuss how and why Texas beneficiaries may lack trust information. We will then focus on the ways that beneficiaries can access trust information. We will then discuss the types of information that bad actors may hide from trust beneficiaries. Next, we turn our attention to the times when trust information reveals theft or other misconduct. Finally, we’ll recap and highlight the most important takeaways from this series.

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