Trust documentsTexas trust disputes arise in many situations. Trust beneficiaries may lack information about their rights, the contents of their trust, and whether a trust even exists. A beneficiary may suspect that someone is draining their trust funds. Sometimes trust beneficiaries and trustees simply do not get along. These are just some of the situations that may lead to trust disputes.

If you suspect that you have an interest in a trust and someone is committing bad acts, you may need to act quickly and assert your rights. This series will help you identify those rights and how Texas attorneys can enforce them. If you need assistance, contact our office today to speak with a Dallas lawyer.

This series will discuss the following topics:

  1. Texas Trusts Function According to These Basic Principles
  2. How to Identify When You Have a Texas Trust Claim
  3. Trust Beneficiaries in Texas Have a Set of Rights in Trust Disputes
  4. Texas Beneficiaries Have Claims Against Trustees Who Breach their Duties
  5. Trust Beneficiaries and Trustees Should Understand Who Pays Legal Fees in a Texas Trust Dispute
  6. Series Recap—Important Takeaways for Texas Beneficiaries and Trustees

In the next post, we will discuss some basic terms and concepts that will help you understand trusts and the remainder of this series. Afterwards, we will help you identify when you may have a claim and what those claims may be. We will then discuss beneficiary rights regarding trusts and trust disputes, along with the duties of trustees. Separately, we will address the payment of legal fees for a trust dispute. Finally, we will provide a quick summary of the concepts presented and why they are important.

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