SpreadsheetThis is the last post in our series on how Texas handles probate when one dies without a will. Such instances are known as an “intestate estate” and we have devoted our last several posts to discussing issues that arise in these situations. We have had two goals for our blog series. First, we hoped to educate Dallas area residents about their rights. Second, we hoped to clear up misunderstandings that people may have about what happens when a loved one dies without a will. We cannot stress enough that you should contact an attorney immediately if you find yourself facing such a situation.

We have addressed a number of topics over our last several articles. Issues we have looked at included:

These are important topics, as they deal directly with common misunderstandings in intestate matters. Too often, people believe that the process will somehow take care of itself when one dies without a will. This belief can include a misunderstanding that leaves one thinking that all property will “automatically go to the surviving spouse or children,” or that the estate may not have to pay its debts before property is distributed. These types of misunderstandings, unfortunately, leave many surprised when they find out the error of their beliefs. Consulting with an attorney immediately can help you to understand your rights, who should inherit, and what to expect from the process.

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