Dallas Lawyers Assisting Texas Residents In Trust & Estate Disputes

Signing a documentSituations quickly become messy while a loved one is alive or when a loved one passes away. This chaos can include disputes over the property involved in a trust or an estate or the abuse, misuse, or mismanagement of the property. Disputes may also be over whether certain property falls within the estate, the handling of joint accounts, as well as the claims of third parties. Such issues can make the process complicated even though it was expected to be straightforward. Even worse, such problems can cause rifts between family members. If you are a Texas resident and find yourself in such a dispute then contact our Dallas office immediately.

Attorneys representing Texas residents in disagreements over a decedent’s trust or estate

Many think that probate is a clear cut matter. It is believed that one’s last will and testament clearly defines how property will be divided. Disagreements arise, however, when it is unclear whether property should be included within the probate or if such property should pass to someone in spite of a will’s mandates. Examples of such trust or estate disputes include:

Properly resolving these types of issues can decide whether or not assets will pass to heirs though the probate process or whether assets will pass through another mechanism. Hiring an attorney who understands these issues is crucial to ensuring that your financial interests are protected at a time like this.

Our Dallas trust and estate litigation lawyers will aggressively protect your interest in matters involving trust, estate, or other assets. Our lawyers will quickly work to identify any property which can potentially be disputed and will determine the quickest and most efficient way to handle the process and the best manner to protect the property. These steps will include looking at ownership history, the relationship between relevant persons, the actions of the deceased, the use of funds, as well as issues related to disputing a will if necessary. We will ensure that your case is prepared and will aggressively represent you at trial. Contact our attorneys today. Our offices also service Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Center.

Dallas attorneys with the skills necessary to protect you when an estate or trust is in dispute

Our lawyers have the skills necessary to resolve an estate or trust dispute. Price L. Johnson is a CPA as well as an attorney. This means he has a background in tracing the history and path of assets. He and his associates will use these skills to analyze chains of ownership as well as issues which may invalidate an ownership transfer or gift. We take a collaborative approach to such cases which means we will examine all possible issues with a thorough eye. We understand that this is a trying time and we are ready to assist you.

We will stay in regular contact with you throughout this process. We strive to ensure that phone calls and emails are responded to promptly and will be here to answer your questions. We make probate our business so you can focus on the business of life. Call our Dallas, Texas attorneys today.