last willThis is the first post in what will be a series on the reasons why residents of Dallas, Texas need a will. People frequently tell me they don’t have a will but think they might need one someday. They are right. The problem is that someday is now. Generally people say they know they need a will but they just haven’t had the time, don’t know where to go, think it is too expensive, or think that they don’t have enough assets to need a will.

Our goal with this series is to convey the importance of having a will prepared sooner rather than later. Over the next several posts we will be covering a number of topics. These topics will include:

  • Assets and how a will determines who receives them
  • The importance of a will if you are purchasing, or already own, a home
  • How a will can become the peacekeeper in your family
  • How a will affects your minor children
  • How having a will can save you money

The fact is that everyone needs a will regardless of if they have assets. There are many other important reasons to have a will including one’s having minor children, having family heirlooms or merely items of sentimental value, making certain the right person handles your affairs, and to save your loved ones unnecessary costs and expenses when you die.

At our firm we regularly see families engage in disputes which could have been avoided if one had drafted a will. For example, drafting a will identifies who is in charge (the executor), how property is divided, who takes care of minor children, and what happens to a family home. Having a will can help one rest assured that these types of issues will not arise in the future.

No matter how much we exercise, how well we eat, or how great we feel, tomorrow is not promised. By the time we know we need a will, it’s usually too late. Whether you have assets or not- you need a will. Having a will avoids disputes, insures your wishes are kept, and protects your family and loved ones.

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